Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


Morning School Line Up

All grades line up on the blacktop on the school playground.
Teachers are on duty at  7:53 A.M. and students enter the building at 7:58 A.M.

  • Students in grades K and 1 line up and enter through the modular unit doors on the lower playground (door #5).
  • Students in grades 2-5 line up and enter through the First Street doors (door #1).

The student day begins at 8:03 A.M., and all doors are locked at that time.  Students or parents/guardians who arrive after 8:03 may only enter through the First Street doors. Students are considered tardy after 8:03 A.M. and will be required to sign-in at the office.

Walking to School:  Please be safe and use common sense: use the sidewalks around the school, follow directions from the crossing guard(s), and do not cut through the faculty parking lot.

Bicycling to School:  Please use bike safety rules.  All students riding to school must wear a helmet.  Bicycles should be stored in the bike rack while students are in school, and the bicycle should be walked while on school grounds.

Drop-off by Vehicle: Students must be able to exit the vehicle independently in order to use the “Drop-off Zone.”  Drivers should not leave or park their vehicle in the “Drop-off Zone.” Please be considerate of our neighbors and their driveway space.

Ashcroft Road is a one-way street coming in from Upham Street from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
The “Drop-off Zone” is along the First Street sidewalk from the corner of Ashcroft Road up to the front entrance of the school.
Use the full length of the “Drop-off Zone”, pull as far down as possible, and maintain the flow of traffic.
Students should exit through the passenger side and move quickly out of the vehicle.  Please say your goodbyes ahead of time.
Exit carefully back into the traffic flow on First Street.

Parking During Drop-off:  Parking is allowed on Ashcroft Road (facing First Street) or on First Street past the “Drop-off Zone” (facing Lebanon Street).  Please do not park in the faculty lot, in the bus zone, or on the playground. The Melrose Police will ticket cars that are parked illegally (facing the wrong direction, on crosswalks, at street corners, blocking driveways/fire hydrants, etc).

*  * *  *

Afternoon Dismissal

School is dismissed at 2:10 P.M.  Kindergarten exits through the modular unit doors at the lower playground.  Grades 1 and 2 exit through the First Street doors. Grades 3, 4, and 5 exit through the Ashcroft Road doors.  Students in K, 1, and 2 are only released directly to a trusted individual. If your child’s regular dismissal (i.e. different person picking him/her up) routine is going to be altered on a particular day, please send a note to the teacher.  Students are not allowed back in the building without permission once they have been dismissed.  Please be prompt when picking up your child.

Afternoon Walkers:  

  • Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten students should meet their children on the playground by the modular doors.
  • Parents/Guardians of students in grades 1 and 2 should stand in the playground area or near the black wrought iron fence.  Please be sure to leave the First Street door (door #1) clear from the school to the sidewalk in order for students to exit.
  • Parents/Guardians of students in grades 3, 4, and 5 should meet their child on the sidewalk on Ashcroft Road or the grass area adjacent to the walkway.  Please be sure to leave the walkway clear from the school to the sidewalk in order for students to exit.

Pick-up by Vehicle (Grades 2-5 only):  please refer to Drop-off by Vehicle, above.  Also, please do not sit in the “Pick-up Zone” waiting for your child.  If you child is not visible, please circle the block.

Parking for Pick-up:  See Parking During Drop-off, above.