After School Clubs

SPRING 2020!

Roosevelt School offers Spring After School Clubs

  • Spring session will run for 7 weeks.

  • Registration fee is $45 per club

             Look for the extra fees for some clubs

  • Registration window will be open from March 16th – March 20th.

  • All students will receive confirmation of club enrollment by March 27th, 2020.

  • Clubs start the week of April 6, 2020.

Checks should be made out to the Roosevelt School.   

Thank you!

Any further questions please contact Linda Fargo

Spring club descriptions:


 Arts & Crafts – All Grades – Mrs. Brown and Mrs. McCarthy

Each week you will create new arts and crafts projects using a variety of materials. The projects will be ready to take home the same day!

$5.00 fee for supplies


Interactive Games – All Grades – Mrs. Barry

Have fun playing Brain teasers and mind-boggling games with friends.  Some of the games will be a challenge to figure out. This will be lots of fun.


Kindness Leaders – All Grades – Mrs. Fargo

Members of this club will talk about and create ideas to support respect and kindness toward everyone.  Students will come up with ideas to display and teach respect in our school community as well as take part in community circles


Cursive - Grades 2-5 - Mrs. White

Would you like to learn cursive? See how great your handwriting can become with cursive instruction.  


Garden Club - All Grades - Miss Amari

Plant, Design and watch the Roosevelt garden grow.  You will make that happen in the 

Garden club.  Each week will be full of awesome gardening activities!

$5.00 Supply Fee



Board Games – Ms. Murthy

Old fashioned board games are back.  Hands on, child to child, competition and plain old fun playing all your favorite games.

Yahtzee, Connect Four, Junior Monopoly and Scrabble are some examples.


Creative Coloring - All Grades - Mrs. Brown

A chance to chat with friends and have fun while coloring interesting designs.  Come and let’s chilax together.


Sewing – K and 1st (limit 10) – Mrs. Dileo

Basic Sewing for little learners.  We will be using sewing needles, scissors, hot glue and more fun craft materials.  The kids will take home 1-2 crafts per session that they will have completely sewn on their own.

$5.00 Supply Fee 


Origami and Kirigami - All Grades (limit 10) - Mrs. DiToro

Transform single sheets of paper into simple shapes and forms! Build skills of focus, problem solving, creativity, and increase independence.  Club members will practice basic Origami and Kirigami techniques that include: Folds, folding symbols, terminology, and cutting. We will embrace the Engineering Design Process and practice computational thinking as we produce successive projects.


Book Club - Grades 3-5 - Mrs. Barry

Are you looking for a good book to explore?  Come join the Book Club book with your Roosevelt friends.  We will be reading and discussing… Ban This Book by Alan Gratz.  Participants will be required to purchase or borrow this book (from a library) and be prepared (reading at home) to discuss and explore this wonderful book.  


Cheering - Grades 2-5 - Mrs. White

S.P.R.I.N.G spring is here 

Let us Cheer!

Learn how to do basic cheer moves.  Lots of fun with movement and teamwork.  


Building Rockets - Grades 2-3 - Mrs. Leclerc

The kids are excited about hands-on applications of the STEM curriculum. Students will receive their own rocket kit, they will learn the parts of a rocket, basics of rocket flight and build the rocket!  Students will get to design the fin layout of the rocket, test their rocket for stability and then launch the rocket!

Their customized rockets will be theirs to keep and hopefully launch again with their families.

Extra materials fee of $15, covers cost of rocket and two engines per student (two launches). Along with glue and other ancillary materials.



 Dance – All Grades – Ms Murthy and Ms Wholley

Through GoNoodle the children will dance, dance, dance. Warming up stretches will begin the class.  GoNoodle is a fascination of many children. They will naturally begin to move when the music begins.  What a great way to end a school day. Come and join the fun dancing and moving!


Puzzles - All Grades - Mrs. Vigorito

Do you love putting puzzles together? Where do you begin?  The edges? In this club you will have the opportunity to put puzzles together in an hour.  Puzzles will be age appropriate. So don’t hesitate to join the puzzle club - no matter what grade you’re in. 


Olympic Sports - All Grades - Mrs. Redman

This club invites all students with the desire to engage in a variety of sporting events (sprints, shot put, long jump, etc.). Come experience the fun and let’s create an atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship. 


Chess – All Grades – Mrs. Fargo

Calling all Chess Players!!! If you know how to play Chess and would like to show off your abilities by challenging your peers in a game, this is the club for you. Each week you’ll match up and play against a new opponent.


Cooking - All Grades - Mrs. Aleksa  

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday (Choose only 1 day)

Maximum 25 children a session - $10.00 materials fee