The Nurse’s Office is located on the first floor in Room A114. Students who feel ill during class should obtain a pass from their classroom teacher to report to the Nurse’s Office. The Nurse’s Office is usually open, but in the event it is closed, students should report to the Main Office. All students must sign in and sign out after visiting the nurse.

  • All medicines must be kept in the Nurse’s Office. 
  • No medication will be accepted in plastic bags or envelopes. 
  • Prescription medications must be brought to the nurse in the pharmacy-labeled container. A signed consent form by the parent or guardian is required. 
  • Non-prescription medication should be properly labeled with the student’s full name, name of the medication, dosage interval, indications, contraindications, and special instructions. 
  • Prescription medication, non-prescription medication, and/or pills must be brought to the nurse in the original container from the pharmacy and/or place of purchase along with a permission slip signed by the parent.
  • For short-term medications such as antibiotics, the prescription must be sent to the nurse in the original pharmacy-labeled container with the doctor’s name, the date, the name of medication, and the dosage clearly labeled. A parent permission form must be signed, but a physician’s signature is not needed for short-term use. 
  • For daily prescription medications, a signed permission form from both the parent and physician is required. 
  • All medicines are kept in the locked medicine cabinet. 
  • For students using inhalers, an asthma action card must be filled out by the parent in addition to the consent forms.

The following are some of the guidelines of the Nurse’s Office:

  1. Students must have a pass from a staff member to be admitted to the Nurse’s Office. No one will be admitted to the Nurse’s Office between periods except for emergencies such as bleeding, fainting, or vomiting. 
  2. Medical excuses from physical education classes must be brought to the Nurse’s Office during homeroom period. A doctor’s note is required if a student is to be excused for more than one physical education class. 
  3. Students using crutches should obtain from the Nurse’s Office a pass to leave classes early. 
  4. Students who need to be dismissed from school due to an illness must report to the nurse. Parents are required to provide transportation for their children in case of illness or an emergency dismissal. 

Ms. Melody Cabral-Pini, R.N. is the School Nurse. She can be contacted via email or by telephone at 781-979-2117.

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