Building Security

All doors are locked for security. Visitors must use only the atrium door for entering and exiting. All visitors need to be “buzzed in” and are required to come into the Office waiting area before proceeding any further. All visitors must sign in/out in the Visitors Log Book and wear a visitors’ badge while in the building. To keep disruptions to a minimum, forgotten items should be dropped in the office and they will be delivered to the child’s classroom at a convenient time.

If you need this document translated, please call your child’s school principal.
Si necesita este documento traducido, por favor comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo.
Se você precisa este documento traduzido, entre em contato com a escola do seu filho.
Si vous avez besoin de traduire ce document, s’il vous plaît contacter l’école de votre enfant.
如果你需要这份文件翻译,请联系您的孩子的学校.Variety Show