Third Floor

  1. Select the reservation link below.
  2. Check your desired date/block for availability. Consult your class schedule for order of blocks.
  3. Select the appointment slot and enter the block and room number.

Please note your selected cart number when reserving time. To cancel a reservation, open your Melrose Google Calendar, select the desired event, and delete it from your own calendar.

Third floor Chromebook carts are stored in:

  • Cart 8 - Room 339 (English bookroom/Mirasolo, yellow sticker)
  • Cart 9 - Room 320 (Ray, neon green sticker)
  • Cart 10 - Room 337 (Donovan, light blue sticker)
  • Cart 11 - Room 327 (Pari-di-Monriva, another light blue sticker)

Click here to make a reservation