Horace Mann PBIS Family Newsletter

1st Issue - March 2020

As mentioned in Tuesday's newsletter, here is a link to the Horace Mann PBIS Family Newsletter.  Many thanks to Jessica Patti, K-5 Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator for the Melrose Public Schools, for her leadership regarding all aspects of this newsletter.  Additionally, thanks to the Horace Mann PBIS Family team which includes:  Jessica Patti, Marcy Solomon, Laurel Neubauer, Jessica Hoffman, Jill Tully, and Amanda Rowe.  Finally, the Horace Mann PBIS team has been meeting monthly and developed many of the items included within this newsletter.  They are:  Nicole Wells, Wendy Florino, JoAnn Dwyer, Anne Healy, Nicole Goodhue, Jillian Duzz, Meredyth McGrath, Laurel Neubauer, Kelsey Evans, Cameron Mathieu and Jessica Patti.  Their collective efforts have been tremendous.  We hope you enjoy this newsletter!