Staff Directory

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NamePositionTeacher WebsiteGradeDepartment
Adams, RobinNurse PK

Early Childhood

Banwell, LaurenTeacher Childhood
Bishop, KathleenTeacher Childhood
Bright, JanetTeacher Childhood
Burgess, LauraTeacher
Burns, LoriTeacher Childhood
Cianci, DarleneTeacher Childhood
Colucci, LeslieTeacher
Crump, MaryTeacher Childhood
Girard, ShannonTeacher Childhood
Acevedo, MelanieTeacher Literacy
Goodwin, KathrynTeacher
Goodwin, WilliamTeacher Education
Hendrick, RebeccaTeacher Childhood
Maffie, MelissaTeacher Childhood
Murphy, KaraTeacher Childhood
O'Brien, StephanieTeacher Childhood
Papalegis, JaniceTeacher Childhood
Pothier, StefanieTeacher Childhood
Robichaud, JocelynTeacher Childhood
Sasso, KristenTeacher Childhood
Serino, AndreaTeacher Childhood
Spencer, WendyTeacher Childhood
Tirone, MarieTeacher Childhood
 Operations Coordinator PKStay and Play
Dubovick, ErinBehavioral & Inclusive Practices Specialist Childhood
Giamanco, MelissaAdministrative Assistant PKOffice
Calabrese, JenniferSpeech & Language Pathologist Personnel Services
Lessman, BrookeSpeech & Language Pathologist Personnel Services
Coveney, AmandaBehavior Specialist Personnel Services
Evans, KelseySchool Psychologist Personnel Services
Leonard, KimberlySpecial Education Coordinator PKPupil Personnel Services
Johnson, CrystalSocial Worker Personnel Services
Schromm, RebeccaPhysical Therapist Personnel Services
Smith, JillianSpeech Assistant PKPupil Personnel Services
Theodore, MichelleSpeech & Language Pathologist Personnel Services
Wood, AdrienneOccupational Therapist PKPupil Personnel Services
Rosso, DonnaDirector of Early Childhood Center PKSchool Administration