What to Bring to School Daily


  • Water bottle
  • Morning snack: suggest 2 portions/items (no peanuts, no nuts)
  • Lunch: (if sent from home) entrée or sandwich and 2 other portions/items (no peanuts, no nuts)
  • Outerwear appropriate for the weather.
  • Full change of clothes to keep at school (pants, shirt, socks, underwear)
  • Pullups/wipes (for a full day, Early Bird/Stay & Play if applicable) 
  • EAT BREAKFAST! To avoid headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue please serve your child breakfast. If you are running late, keep something handy in the car so that they can eat on the way. Fuel your body and brain at breakfast to feel well and ready to learn. Studies have shown students who eat breakfast have increased improvement in grades, attention span, and positive behavior.