Franklin At-A-Glance


Every child in the Melrose Public Schools is given the opportunity to reach his/her maximum potential and achieve educational excellence through the dedicated efforts of inspired and caring educators and the support of family and community.


It is our belief that all children learn best and are engaged when they feel safe and secure.  The Franklin ECC is a school where every child is respected and nurtured by experienced staff.  Through this sense of security our teachers build a relationship with each child and also each family.  This cohesive approach enables your child to access the world around him to be a continuous and thoughtful learner.  Children learn best through play.  Materials that spark curiosity, critical thinking and invite active exploration help students become involved in their own learning.  Activities that encourage students to make decisions, take responsibility and facilitate social relationships are an intricate part of every classroom.  We are a school where all children learn together in an atmosphere that supports the individual strengths of each child and where all children fully participate in the life of the school.