Toileting at the Franklin ECC

Success with toileting is a developmental milestone which leads to increased independence and pride in accomplishment. Every step towards the goals of toilet training merits the phrase “I did it!” Celebrate every step your child can do!

  • At the ECC, students may use the bathroom at anytime. Please encourage your child to let staff know of his/her toileting needs at ANY time.
  • While children are not required to be fully toilet trained to attend the ECC, we encourage families to be actively working toward this goal at home.
  • Teachers take the class to the restroom at scheduled times. ECC staff supervise children when in the bathroom. Children are provided as much privacy as it is appropriate.
  • Bathrooms have toilets. The boys’ rooms have urinals.
  • Following NAEYC recommendation, we do not use potty seats or changing tables.
  • If the child has the dexterity and skill to change his/her wet or soiled pull-up/underwear, they will be coached by staff through the process.
  • Children who are not yet fully trained must come to school in a pull-up, not a diaper.
  • Parents are responsible for supplying their child’s pull-ups and wipes.
  • Children who are not fully capable of self-care or who need help with a soiled pull-up will be assisted by the staff in the Changing Area/Nurse’s Bathroom in the Nurse’s Office.

You are encouraged to speak with the school nurse, Robin Adams RN, if you have any questions. Please call the nurse at 781-979-2115, or email her

Tips for toileting at school…

  • Please encourage your child to alert staff whenever she/he needs to use the bathroom. Children can ask to use the bathroom no matter what activity is going on. And…the nurse’s bathroom is steps from the playground, for a quick pit stop!
  • Have your child practice using the toilet at home (rather than a potty). It will ease the transition to use of outside bathrooms. Potty chairs are not used at the ECC.
  • Have your child practice dressing, changing clothes and performing self care at home. Personal wipes are very helpful for self-care after using the toilet.
  • Dress for success to promote independence. Looser fitting clothes with elastic waist bands promote success with self dressing. Minimizing zippers and buttons truly helps.
  • Remember, EVERY step is a step towards independence. Encourage your child to perform any and all steps that he/she is able to do, even if the goal is not fully met.

For more information regarding toilet training, please call, email or visit the ECC School Nurse – Robin Adams RN – to obtain toilet training materials or just to chat about your child and this process. Please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher for information as well. Call the Nurse’s office at 781-979-2115, or email. Literature is also available on the table in the ECC lobby.

Information and a toileting training sequence are available for use at home. See below for information and links about Toileting at the ECC, Tips for Toileting at School, Fostering Self-Help and Independence and a Toilet Training Picture Sequence. This sequence is often used at school.

  1. Parent Workshop: Fostering Self-Help and Independence/Toilet Training (ECC Workshop-May 2015). Click the following link
  2. Toileting Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  3. Toilet Training Sequence