Multi-Age Classrooms

Our Multi-Age Classrooms are for three and four year old children (by September 1st of the entering school year). It is based on the philosophy that an age range of greater than one year in a classroom provides opportunities for the younger children to learn from older children. The older child (4 or 5) has the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of social and academic skills to their younger peers that are not present in a “same age” classroom. This difference can boost self-confidence in a Pre-Kindergarten learner while still gaining the academic skill set necessary for Kindergarten. The program capitalizes on the diversity of each child while emphasizing their individuality. Often the Multi-age model is designed to be an integrated “looping model” so that children can have the same teacher in the same classroom for two consecutive years. This allows families/children and staff to build strong relationships to foster success.

The curriculum approach in a Multi-age classroom is achieved through differentiated instruction. Meaning, curriculum expectations for 3 year old learners focus on social/emotional development with exposure to Pre-Academic skills. For the four year old learner the expectations grow and are focused on the mastery of academic skills while continuing to foster social/emotional development. The goal for any four year old child is to ensure Kindergarten readiness.


  • Ages of children: 3 & 4 years old
  • Ratio of staff: minimum of 2 adults (1 Certified Early Childhood Teacher and at least 1 paraprofessional) to 18 students.