Education Stations Statement

Dear Education Stations Families,

I hope that you are doing well and are adjusting to our current circumstances. As we all try to navigate through these extraordinary times I wanted to update you with information regarding Education Stations billing. As you know, school has been closed since noon on 3/13/20. We are currently scheduled to reopen on 4/6/20. All tuitions and fees incurred prior to noon on 3/13/20 are expected to be paid as they typically are.

Moving forward from noon on 3/13/20 until school reopens, you will  not be charged for Education Stations. We are considering the best options of providing credit or refunds. We know that school will be extended to 6/19/20 and we will need to keep Education Stations open until 6/19/20. Historically we have not run Education Stations on the last day of school, but we will need to consider that decision. We will be holding our May billing which typically would be sent out on 4/1/20 until we make a decision regarding providing credits or refunds. Unlike an occasional school closure due to weather or other circumstances, you will not be charged for this extended school closure. I will update you as more information becomes available. 

Here is the link to district resources and additional information on Covid-19 during the closure.


Patricia White-Lambright

Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services