District Curriculum Accommodation Plan

The Melrose Public Schools’ District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) is designed to assist administrators, teachers, and other staff in ensuring that all possible efforts have been made to meet students’ needs in general education classrooms and to support teachers in analyzing and accommodating diverse learning styles of all children that may be present in a school. Led by the building principal, staff at each school collaborates on best practices in order to ensure that adequate instructional strategies and supports are available for both students and staff. The DCAP is directly connected to procedures that are currently in place to strengthen and improve the general education program for the benefit of all students, not solely or specifically for special education.

The strategies listed are a collection of ideas and resources meant to support all students. Teachers may have additional suggestions and ideas that will also successfully meet students needs. Teachers should use their professional judgement to add or modify curriculum accommodations on an individual and/or situational basis.

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