Grades K-5

In keeping with the goals of the 2003 Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks, through the study of History and Social Science in grades K-5, we hope to give our students a deep understanding and appreciation of our cultural and political heritage. Learning to value diversity and the vision of freedom sought by our founding fathers, is key to the course. It is also key to the attainment and survival of the just and ideal society we all hope for.

Our goal for students can be accomplished by giving them, “….a solid base of factual knowledge about the central ideas, events, people, places and works…” that have shaped their world and the world of others. Good instruction will weave this factual knowledge into the fascinating fabric of ideals, and beliefs that have either threatened or uplifted our human race. In this way, we hope to encourage our students to become not only good citizens, but also independent and critical thinkers who can and will positively influence the course of events in their own lifetime.