Grade 6-8 MVMMS

At Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, students take science for a full block every day for each of the three years that they are in Middle School. The content outlined by the Massachusetts Science Frameworks is taught in an integrated manner with the following topics covered at each grade level:

  • Grade Six: Earth and Space Science including Earth’s Structure, the History of the Earth, and Heat Transfer in the Earth System; Life Science including the Classification of Organisms and Evolution and Biodiversity; Physical Science including Heat Energy
  • Grade Seven: Life Science including Structure of Function of the Cells, Systems in Living things, and Living Things and Their Environment; Physical Science including Properties of Matter; Motion of Objects, Forms of Energy
  • Grade Eight: Earth and Space Science including Mapping the Earth and the Earth in the Solar System; Life Science including Reproduction and Heredity; Physical Science including Properties of Matter and Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Students learn about computers and technology in elective courses. In both computer class as well as technology education students learn age-appropriate skills in computers including the use of Microsoft Office and Google Sketch-up as well as best practices for the protection of personal information. In addition, there is an emphasis on the design process in our technology education classes. Students use the design process to effectively design, test, and evaluate projects.