First Grade Science

Grade 1 Science and Technology/Engineering Benchmarks

Earth and Space

  • Explain evaporation and condensation in relation to weather.

Life Science

  • Explain how people and animals grow, move and change.
  • Describe the way in which, as growth and change occurs, many plants and animals closely resemble their parents in observed appearance.

Physical Science

  • Identify objects and materials as solid, liquid, or gas.
  • Recognize that solids have a definite shape and that liquids and gas take the shape of their container.
  • Understand that objects can be balanced. Explore how balance is achieved.

Technology and Engineering

  • Independently identify and describe the characteristics of and some uses for both natural (e.g., wood, fur, cotton, wool) and man-made (e.g., plastic, Styrofoam) materials.
  • Construct a piece of artwork or an invention using natural and human-made materials. Label the materials accurately.
  • Identify tools and machines used for a specific purpose.
  • Describe how human beings use parts of the body as tools (e.g., teeth for cutting, hands for grasping) and compare their use with the ways in which animals use those parts of their own bodies.

Skills of Inquiry/Scientific Process  We Expect Students to Demonstrate

(from the MA Science and Technology/Engineering Framework, 2006)

  • Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events in the environment.
  • Answer the question, “Why?”  or “What would happen if…?”
  • Make predictions based on observed patterns.
  • Choose, name and use simple equipment and tools (e.g., rulers, thermometers, hand lenses, balance and meter sticks) to gather data and extend the senses.
  • Record observations and data with pictures, numbers, or written statements.
  • Discuss observations with others.