Overarching Goals

Each year, the Committee develops SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound) intended to bring us closer to achieving our Overarching Goals. Once SMART goals are developed and approved, the Committee crafts and approves Action Items for the coming school year. The extent of completion of the Action Items is expected to be considered in the context of the Committee’s (calendar) year-end Self-Evaluation.

2018-19 Overarching Goals & SMART Goals

1. Student Engagement: The Melrose Public Schools will ensure that all students are prepared for their choice of post-secondary pursuits by providing a rigorous, innovative, and supportive learning environment that meets Massachusetts and community standards.

2. Educator Support: The Melrose Public Schools will recruit, develop, evaluate, and retain highlyqualified, diverse, and effective staff members to support a professional culture designed to prepare every student for success.

3. Community Collaboration: The Melrose Public Schools will engage the community in a vision for our students’ achievement that leverages all voices, openly addresses all challenges facing the district, and is grounded in the belief that first-rate public education is our community’s most valuable asset.

4. Strategic Leadership: The Melrose Public Schools will responsibly, strategically, and transparently allocate resources based on their ability to sustain teaching and learning and realize continuous improvement in student engagement.

To move toward those goals, the Committee has approved the following SMART goals for the 2018-2019 year:

  • By June, 2019, the Melrose School Committee, in collaboration with Melrose Public Schools’ administration, will pilot a series of podcasts and videocasts designed to increase community awareness around the state of pre-K through post-graduate education in general as well as in our public schools.
  • By July 1st, 2018, engage the incoming Melrose School Committee members in a comprehensive orientation program that sets clear and accurate expectations around Committee roles and responsibilities as well as behavioral norms, and builds content knowledge to the extent that they can fully and effectively engage in the business of overseeing the Melrose Public Schools.
  • By March 1st, 2019, reach consensus on measures that define student success in the Melrose Public Schools in an articulate and understandable manner (answering the question: how do we know our schools are serving our students effectively?).
  • The Committee will lead a comprehensive, reality-based discussion about the Melrose Public Schools budget, including the community-wide implications of specific trade-offs and the impact of decisions on teaching, learning and student success.

Rev: October 23, 2018