FY21 Budget Process Update and Links to Documents

FY21 Melrose Public Schools Budget Process: Update
  • The FY21 (2020-21 school year) budget process is underway.
  • This year’s budget timeline can be found here; please refer to this document throughout the process to understand what topics the School Committee will be discussing at each meeting.
  • On Tuesday, February 25, the School Committee will discuss fees for next year, with a vote anticipated on/before March 10. In summary, those recommendations (subject to the will of the School Committee) are as follows:
    • No fee increase recommended for Education Stations pricing for next year.
    • 2.5% increase recommended for the ECC tuition-based programs.
    • No athletic fee increase recommended for next year. It is important to note that next year will be year 3 of the 3-year proposal that came from a previous review of athletic fees. So we should expect a review over the next year and recommendations for any changes going forward.
    • No increases for Marching Band and Drama fees for the 2020-2021 school year.
    • A $5 increase (from $290 to $295) for elementary music lessons.
    • Reinstatement of a $35 materials fee for photography courses at the high school.
  • Please note that the recommendations above are just that: recommendations. The School Committee will discuss them and may choose to make changes, vote differently, etc.
  • Looking ahead, on Tuesday, March 10 we will begin the staffing discussions, discussing budget allocations for elementary, MVMMS and MHS staffing. The Superintendent has made a series of staffing recommendations, including adding: elementary school educators to accommodate growing enrollment, special education positions, a math teacher at the MVMMS/MHS level and additional social workers and other social-emotional-behavioral support positions. You can read about this in the Superintendent’s budget narrative here.
  • The budget request also reflects implementation of the new teachers’ contract, as well as additional funding (and reporting requirements) for Melrose from the state’s passage of the Student Opportunity Act (SOA), and you can learn more in this overview presentation.
  • Throughout March and early April, we will continue to discuss budgets for topics including special education, professional development, materials and continue the staffing discussions. 
  • As of today, we anticipate a final budget vote by April 28th. This is subject to change at the will of the Committee.
  • Finally, please note: There will be a public budget hearing on April 7, and members of the public are welcome at all meetings and to speak during public comment periods. In addition, members of the public may submit questions on designated budget topics by 4:00 pm on the day preceding the meeting to Jen McAndrew at [email protected]. During the meeting, a selection of questions will be offered (without names attributed) to the Superintendent as time allows; they may be grouped and shortened to allow for as many questions as possible during each meeting. 
Drafted by: Jen McAndrew
Chair, Finance & Facilities
Member, Melrose School Committee
Pronouns: she/her/hers