Why Choose Melrose High School for your child?

Occasionally the Melrose School Committee receives this question from community members or people who are thinking of moving to Melrose. Here is a brief summary of our answer –

Melrose has been rated highly several times recently in state and national school rankings. The real issue with relying on any ranking is in understanding what the specific criteria being ranked represent, and whether you feel those are the most important criteria.

Instead, we will point you to some additional information about the high school of which you may not be aware.

First, check out the Melrose High School Brochure and Infographic.

The Melrose High School data dashboard is available online, as is the school Profile. These show many of the criteria which may be of importance to you.

A few recent posts from the Mayor’s blog describe the millions of dollars the City has spent recently to upgrade the building, textbooks and instructional materials and technology.

If you look at the new Program of Studies you will see that we offer an extensive range of classes both in terms of topics and of levels. (There is also a new middle school Program of Studies.) We offer an unprecedented 5 languages, and we have a very strong fine and performing arts department. In addition, we have offer many varsity level high school sports.

Our meeting documents and minutes are available online. We have various presentations during the year to hear about the curriculum and instruction changes throughout the district. Some of that may be of interest to you. In particular, the quarterly update of the Superintendent’s Strategy Overview.

The district just recently completed a technology plan which is available as well.

If you have additional questions, please let us know. We are confident that the majority of the Melrose High School parents feel their children are receiving a good education, and we believe they would tell you that the school continues to innovate and adapt. If you have additional questions, you might want to contact the MHS Principal Marianne Farrell, who would be happy to meet with you and discuss your questions.