What is the School Committee Discussing?

Here are some ways to find and follow School Committee meetings:

To find upcoming meeting dates, agendas and meeting documents –

The Meetings link in the School Committee menu takes you to the IQM2 website, which is a service the City and the Schools use to manage their meeting documents. The Melrose IQM2 Meeting page is here.

Under Meeting Group, choose School Committee.

You will then see a list of our meetings, past and present –

  • If you click on a date, you will see the Agenda for that meeting. The agenda is posted on the Thursday before our Tuesday meeting, and often before that.
  • From this page you can click on Agenda Packet to go to the documents that have been prepared for that meeting. These documents are posted on the Friday before our Tuesday meeting. This packet can be downloaded. This is an excellent way to know ahead of our meeting what kinds of things will be discussed.
  • Once our meeting minutes are approved (generally at the following meeting), they will be posted to this website and will show up on this page as a Minutes Packet. It usually takes a couple weeks for them to be posted after approval. If you want a copy of minutes before they have been posted, please contact the Superintendent’s office.

To receive email notices when new School Committee meeting agendas or meeting documents are posted on IQM2, register on IQM2 and select Public School Distribution.

  • Go to IQM2
  • Click on Register in the upper right corner
  • Enter your email, name and a password
  • Choose Public School Distribution from the Distribution List

To Watch a past SC meeting –

MMTV posts the video of our meetings here on the MMTV website. This link is also on the Documents page.

Click on Government Meetings in the heading. They are in date order, and usually posted the day following the meeting

To see a list of upcoming meetings and the proposed topics for each –

The rolling agenda shows the topics we expect to cover over the next several months. It is also available on the Documents page. The rolling agenda changes often, but gives a good idea of when in the year topics come up in the committee.

A catchall for meeting archives, documents of current interest, and links to meeting information…

The Documents page on the Melrose Schools website contains many different types of documents:

  • the last two year’s archives in zipped format.
  •  a link to the Melrose meeting website( IQM2), which is a service used by the City and Schools to manage current and recent archival meeting information. The agendas, meeting documents and minutes since October 201,2 when we began using this service, are on this site. In addition, our scheduled meetings are also shown here, with the agendas and meeting documents added several days before each meeting.
  • a link to MMTV’s website, where the recordings of our meetings are posted.
  • a variety of documents that might be of current interest to the community. Some of them are from our meeting archives but others are from other sources.