School Cancellation Project

Pilot Program


The Melrose Public Schools believes that teaching and learning should not be confined by time and space; that all of our students are engaged in continuous learning through direct instruction, collaboration, personalized instruction, independent study, and experiential learning both inside the school building and beyond.   We also believe that education should be grounded in clearly articulated standards and proficiency-based outcomes that prepare students to be adaptive, flexible, and creative problem solvers.  

The School Cancellation Project builds on the work that we have been doing to provide students with multiple means by which they can access information, process information, and demonstrate understanding.  While we all recognize the importance of the classroom experience in which a highly qualified educator and students interact, we believe that the School Cancellation Project also provides students with the opportunity to engage in purposeful learning based on the content and skills that they are currently mastering without being bound by the place and time and weather. Moreover, 21st-century students will most likely engage in some degree of online and/or blended learning in college and many will eventually work in a “distance” environment from home, satellite offices, or while traveling. Similar to the work we are doing in our schools, extended learning opportunities help students acquire the necessary personal skills and work habits for this type of learning and work.