Students in the Melrose Public Schools in grades K-9 have access to IXL, an online program used to support math learning at home. IXL offers a wide variety of question types, from word problems to interactive graphing. It is aligned to the Common Core and Massachusetts curriculum frameworks. IXL provides insightful reports to both teachers and parents, in order to track student progress. Students are rewarded with virtual prizes and awards to celebrate learning milestones. iPad and Android tablet apps are available for mobile math practice. To access IXL, visit www.ixl.com and enter your child’s username and password.

Below are resources to support your use of IXL at home.

These calendars will help match the skills covered in IXL to the topics being covered in your child’s math class. Click on the file that corresponds to your child’s grade.

Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions regarding IXL assignments.