Grades 6-8 MVMMS

Melrose Memorial Veterans Middle School (MMVMS)

Middle School Health (6-8)

The Melrose School Department has adopted the Health Promotion Wave (HPW) curriculum which is a student centered K-12 comprehensive health curriculum. Skills and knowledge taught in the early grades are reinforced and built upon in later grades. HPW is a researched-based curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts Health Frameworks and National Standards. Other online or text based resources are utilized in order to enhance the middle school curriculum. Content areas that will be covered connect the classroom with home, school and community. HPW is a health literacy program that meets the needs of every student.

The middle school health program will reinforce and build health literacy in children who through specific learning activities gain the knowledge, skills and behavior in all area critical to healthy living.

Every student receives one-full tri-mester of health education. During the assigned tri-mester, classes meet every other day for 48 minutes. Lessons include health content areas, student activities, evaluation and assessments and other educational tools that are used to accommodate a variety of learning styles within each classroom.

Stephen FogartyDirector of Health, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences and Athletics
Kimberly NardoneHealth Teacher
Samantha TetreauHealth / Wellness Teacher