Grades K-5

The Grades K-5 Elementary Curriculum for English Language Arts is based on Pearson Reading Street.

Literacy Block
Students participant in a 90 minute literacy block everyday. The block begins with a whole group lesson for 30 minutes where the teacher will share 2 to 3 short lessons in comprehension, vocabulary, and/or word study. Students will then move to centers. Dependent on the grade, they might be writing in response to what they have read, partner reading, reading in literature circles, or working with words.  Some students will also be working with the classroom teacher to receive direct instruction in a small group based upon their needs.

Word Study
In kindergarten and grade one, students will use Lively Letters to supplement the Reading Street materials. Each of the letters has a character, story, and song to help students remember their letters and sounds.

Writing Workshop
n grades K-5, students write everyday during a period called “writer’s workshop.” In writer’s workshop, the teacher will begin with a short lesson where they focus in on an element of good writing. This is called the “mini-lesson,” called “mini” because it focuses on one teaching point.

Students then move to writing on their own. The teacher will move from student to student providing feedback to help students’ improve their writing. It is through the individual or group conferencing with students that teachers can meet the varied needs of students in their classroom.

At the end of the workshop, the teacher will ask student to share with partners their writing or ask a few students to share their writing with the class. The sharing at the end of the writing time helps students have a sense of audience. Students begin to understand that the purpose of writing is so others can hear our ideas and thoughts. Students are also given an opportunity to talk about their writing.

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