English Grades 9-12 MHS

The Study of English
The Study of English

Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~Allan Bloom

The English curriculum is tied to the 2017 English Language Arts and Literacy Framework and is based on the teaching of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.  Specifically, the curriculum provides instruction in the different modes of written and oral expression, analytical reading, vocabulary, grammar/usage, and media study.  There is a strong departmental philosophy that views writing as an important thinking and discovery skill, and that skill, therefore, is incorporated into all required English courses and electives to provide a rich variety of writing experiences.  Furthermore, the curriculum provides for an equally meaningful experience for students reading literature and nonfiction.

All students must take English throughout their four years of high school, accumulating a minimum of four credits in order to graduate.  Consequently, nearly all courses have open admission so students may select courses that suit their needs, abilities, and achievement levels.

Angela Rufo SingerDirector of Humanities6-12
Timothy AlperenTeacher9-12
Lisa DonovanTeacher9-12
Tanja Hiti-StearnsTeacher9-12
Michael MainuliTeacher9-12
Heather MacDonaldTeacher9-12
Nick TuccinardiTeacher9-12
Jennifer O’SullivanTeacher9-12
Amy MirasoloTeacher9-12
Ryan StewartTeacher9-12