Program Reviews

The Program Review Process (PRP) is characterized by a systematic evaluation protocol consisting of the following components:

  • Self-Study

During this phase, the Assistant Superintendent leads the Program Review Team as they coordinate the work.  The key work in this phase consists of three stages:  1.) Developing essential questions to focus the self-study, 2.) Documenting the district’s curriculum and instructional resources in preparation for evaluation, 3.) Conducting the self-study by surveying students, teachers, and parents, and 4.) Inviting a review group representing area schools to MPS to view and assess math classes, and 5.) Completing the self-study.

  • Action Planning

This phase is the district’s response to the Program Review Team’s report and recommendations.  The action plan sets the agenda for program development and curriculum updates/changes, identifies professional development needs, and is used in the budgeting process to allocate resources.

  • Program and Professional Development and Implementation

This phase is the implementation of updates and/or changes based on the report’s recommendations.  During this phrase professional development is provided and recommended resources are reviewed, piloted, and purchased.   The effectiveness of any updates and/or changes are monitored through teacher observation, student achievement, and staff self-reflection and collaboration.

ELA Program Review

Global Languages Program Review

Math Program Review

Social Studies Program Review

Science Program Review