Home Schooling of Students

The Melrose School Committee recognizes the right of parents to have a home education alternative to public school for their child. Parents have the right to propose a home education alternative and the Superintendent has the right, under Section I of Ch. 76 of the Massachusetts General Laws, to approve or disapprove. Such approval must be obtained prior to implementation.

Melrose children in home instruction may, at the discretion of parents or guardian, may participate in public school extracurricular activities. It may be an advantage for a home-taught child to participate in public school activities.

Parents or a legal guardian in charge of home instruction should make provision for regular testing or use of other indicators of student progress such as standardized achievement tests. The home instruction summary form must include either a summary of home testing results for each required subject for each child or the results of the achievement test that is administered through the school district.

In evaluating each proposed home school alternative in Melrose, the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning considers the following factors:

  1. The competency of the teacher(s).
  2. The content of all subjects and texts/instructional materials so as to impart comparable knowledge as given in the local schools.
  3. The expected schedule of daily/weekly instruction (days/hours).
  4. The specific plan of periodic tests and other measurements of the child’s educational growth.
  5. A beginning year plan and end-of-year progress reports will be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning. Records of the student’s progress will be maintained in the Office of the Assistant Superintendent.
  6. The Assistant Superintendent will review the materials submitted by the parents. The Superintendent will give final approval to the year’s plan based upon the recommendation of the Assistant Superintendent.

For more information, please contact:

                                    Dr. Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning                                    Melrose Public Schools                                    360 Lynn Fells Parkway                                    Melrose, MA  02176                                    781-979-2166 or [email protected]