In order for your child to participate in the 1:1 program in the upcoming school year, you will need to register them using the online form (please read the options below before filling out the form):

Register online for the Chromebook 1:1 program

What are my options?
There are five options that have been made available for families to purchase a Chromebook. These are all reflected in the Online form on this page. Below is an explanation of the option and what it may mean for you in obtaining a Chromebook. The MPS and Melrose IT Department maintain strict confidentiality regarding any personal information.
Option 1

I will or have purchased a Chromebook(s) through the Dell Website


  • Under this option, you will go to and purchase a Dell Chromebook available under, “Standard Configurations.”
  • Your Chromebook will be delivered to the delivery location you specify when ordering. We will announce dates for registration when you can bring your Chromebook into MPS to have it configured to work on the MPS network.
  • MPS encourages you to purchase a protective cover/case/bag with the Chromebook.
Option 2

My child qualifies for free or reduced lunch and therefore qualifies for a free or reduced-cost Chromebook. I authorize the Melrose Public Schools Business Manager to access your child’s Lunch status through the National School Lunches Program available from MPS Food Services.


  • You must qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) under the federal eligibility guidelines by the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) under the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
  • You will need to authorize us to obtain your Free or Reduced Lunch status from the MPS Food Services through the online form.
  • We will order and configure a Chromebook for your child(ren). It will be available at one of the Chromebook registration days just before school begins.
  • You must sign a Chromebook Lease, Use, and Insurance form by visiting the School Central Administration Building at 360 Lynn Fells Parkway, Melrose, MA 02176
  • If you qualify for free lunch, you will get a Chromebook on loan at no cost to you.
  • If you qualify for a reduced price lunch, you will pay for half of the cost of a Chromebook based on the payment schedules found here.
  • This option includes a protective cover/case/bag with the Chromebook.
Option 3

My family does not qualify for free or reduced lunch however, my family’s household size and adjusted gross income may qualify my child for a 25% reduction in cost for a Chromebook according to the chart below (which includes the Google Apps for Ed domain license)  (If you need to apply for FRL, please call (781) 462-3219).


  • The assistance program reduces your overall purchase cost by 25% and allows your family to make 3 payments. You may choose to purchase the Chromebook outright instead of on a payment schedule. (Sales tax will also be included if you purchase the device outright.)
  • In order to qualify for a 25% reduction in cost, your family’s household size and adjusted gross income level must be under the amounts found in the chart below.
  • You must fill out a Chromebook Assistance Application Form2 and provide all needed documentation.
  • This option includes a protective cover/case/bag with the Chromebook.

Percent of Federal Poverty Income Level ----->

Household Size (# of family members)Federal Poverty Income LevelYour Annual IncomeYour Monthly 

Your Twice/Month


Your Bi-Weekly

Your Weekly











Option 4

I have a hardship and would like to apply for a waiver or reduced cost Chromebook and do not meet any of the above mentioned qualifications.


  • If your family does not qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch as indicated through MPS Food Services, but the purchase of a Chromebook(s) presents a financial hardship, you may qualify for a assistance.
  • The assistance program may reduce your overall cost or will allow your family to make payments over a three-year period.
  • You must fill out a Chromebook Assistance Application Form2 and provide all needed documentation including a description of your particular hardship. Please include this information in the packet that you send back to your child’s school. If you need additional clarification, please call (781) ###-####.
  • This option includes a protective cover/case/bag with the Chromebook.
Option 5

I will purchase a different brand of Chromebook, or from another vendor; or my child(ren) already has/have a Chromebook that meets or exceeds the specifications laid out in the Chromebook Specifications document.


  • Under this option, you or your child must bring in the Chromebook during CoMIT’s registration week before school begins in order for the CoMIT to setup a wireless configuration on the device and add it to our Google for Education Domain