Chromebook Specifications

Chromebook Specifications

These specifications are for families who would like to purchase a Chromebook now that there is a BYOD program in the schools.

We highly recommend purchasing a Dell Chromebook (Dell Chromebook model 3180) since they are the most highly rated Chromebook for K-12 schools given their durability and functionality*. Dell Chromebooks can be more expensive than competitors; however, the cost increase reflects the added value of the device. 

If you are looking for a Chromebook with touchscreen that your child can also use like a tablet, we recommend the Dell 3189 Chromebook. The touch screen certainly is not necessary and will cost a little more than the standard model. 

See the table below for the hardware inside a Chromebook that we recommend. These are minimum requirements so choose a Chromebook with at least these specifications or better. 

These specifications are for a minimum hardware requirement:




Intel® Celeron Processor - Celeron N3060, Celeron N3160, Celeron™ N3350,  i5-7Y57, Core m7, Core m5-6Y57 or better


Intel® Whiskey Lake 8th Generation Processors


Intel®  i5, or i7 Processor


4GB or more

Hard Drive

16GB or larger Solid State


11 inch display or larger  with HD (suggested scratch resistant glass if purchasing a touch screen)(increased screen-size=increased weight)

Wireless (WiFi)

Wireless N or AC (802.11N, 802.11AC)


8hrs or longer

USB Ports

at least (1) USB 3.0 and (1) USB 2.0

Display ports

at least (1) HDMI

Audio Ports

at least (1) Stereo headphone and microphone jacks or combination jack

 These specifications are recommended but not required:



Carrying case or bag

Any bag or backpack with padded sleeve. Alternatively, there are cases available for several Chromebooks.

Durability standard

U.S. Military Standard tested for durability, pressure, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration

*MPS receives no incentives, payment or benefit of any kind by the recommendation of the Dell Chromebook. Our recommendation of the Dell Chromebook is solely the result of surveying other school districts, the reviews of K-12 Chromebook use, and our own experience with other vendor’s Chromebooks.