Chromebook Lease, Use & Insurance Agreement

This form must be signed at the Central Administration office at 360 Lynn Fells Parkway.

The Melrose Public Schools (MPS or “the District”) has initiated a program to offer students the opportunity to lease a Chromebook laptop while the student is actively enrolled in the District, as long as they qualify for the lease program. This agreement relates to the leased Chromebook issued to the student while enrolled at MPS.

Computer system referred to in this document is the Dell Chromebook and any other peripherals, software, or attachments furnished by Melrose Public Schools with the computer or thereafter. 'Damage' includes anything not covered under the manufacturer's warranty or provided insurance guidelines.

By accepting possession of the Chromebook, the software, and related peripherals such as manuals, cables and chargers etc., we hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Return Policies

    1. If the student graduates, withdraws, becomes inactive, or in some other way leaves MPS, we agree to return the Chromebook to MPS or purchase the Chromebook with sales tax for the balance of the lease to be paid to MPS on or before the date of withdrawal.
    2. We realize that if we withdraw from the program, we will forfeit the nonrefundable deposit paid during the lease inception and any lease payments that have been made up to the date of withdrawal.
    3. We agree to return the Chromebook to MPS in the same condition as when we took possession. Reasonable wear and tear is accepted as outlined in this agreement.
    4. We understand that MPS may charge a late fee equivalent to the cost of the remaining lease value of the Chromebook and/or seek criminal charges or civil damages if we do not return the Chromebook on or before the return or withdrawal date.
    5. Lease payments
    6. If our account is more than one month in arrears, we understand that the unit will be taken back into the custody of the MPS Chromebook Lease Program. The lessee will have 30 days to bring his/her payments current. If the account is not current, legal action may be taken.
  2. End of Lease

    1. We understand that the Chromebook and software being provided by MPS is the property of MPS during the time of the lease.
    2. We further realize that, provided we have met stipulations and requirements contained in this agreement at the termination of the lease, we will have the option to purchase the Chromebook (but not the educational software) for the remaining value of the lease plus sales tax. After three years, the purchase price will be $1 plus sales tax.
    3. For a student receiving a Chromebook lease program assistance, the remaining lease balance must be paid plus $1 plus sales tax to purchase the unit . Ownership will not be conveyed until the lease value of the Chromebook has been paid and/or the lease has expired, this agreement has been met in full, and the final balance has been paid to MPS.
    4. We understand that it is our responsibility to give written notice to the City of Melrose I.T. Department (CoMIT) if we have an address change or the student withdraws (or is dismissed) for any reason from MPS.
  3. Liability

    1. We agree to accept the Chromebook, the software, and related peripherals in “as is” condition. In no event shall MPS be liable to us, our personal representative or heirs for an incidental, special, or consequential damage of whatever nature arising out of any claim, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, alleging MPS’s failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement or its breach of duty, common law or otherwise, owed to me.
  4. Insurance

    1. The three-year warranty that comes with the Chromebook covers manufacturing defects or parts that stopped working because they were faulty. The insurance plan described below covers damage to the Chromebook caused by the user or someone else.
    2. Coverage includes burglary, robbery, or an event that involves a break-in, force, or is otherwise unavoidable despite exercising due diligence.
    3. Coverage includes damage resulting purely by accident despite following all guidelines for care and handling of the Chromebook.
    4. Coverage includes direct physical loss caused by fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, smoke, vandalism or malicious mischief by a third party, damage by burglars, falling objects, weight of ice or snow, accidental discharge of water, steam or flood.
    5. The following exclusions are not covered by insurance:
      1. Chromebook power adapter/charger.
      2. Deliberate damage, neglect or abuse caused by you or others you allow to use your Chromebook. This includes intentionally marking, defacing, and/or abusing the Chromebook (amusement, anger, frustration, etc.); and damage caused by tampering with hardware components (battery housing, RAM, keys, camera, etc.) to alter district configurations.
      3. Leaving the Chromebook unattended or failing to secure it per school recommendations.
      4. Leaving it unsecured in a car or leaving it on the bus.
      5. Mysterious disappearance of the Chromebook meaning that the Chromebook user has no knowledge as to the place, time, or manner of the loss.
      6. Liquid/beverage spills on the Chromebook, i.e. eating; drinking near a Chromebook is not accidental and will not be covered by insurance.
      7. Excessive scratches/wear to Chromebook exterior caused by failure to regularly use a protective case as required by this Chromebook Use Agreement.
      8. Damage caused by repairs made by an unauthorized source; MPS Chromebook users should bring Chromebooks for repair only to District tech support personnel and/or an authorized Chromebook Service Center.
      9. Chromebook issues covered by the Chromebook warranty.
      10. A battery that is depleted over 500 cycles.
      11. Repairs that cost less than $50 will be paid for by insurance. Repairs that cost between $50 and $100 will result in a charge of $50 to the user. Repairs in excess of $100 will result in a charge of $100 to the user. Users whose computers need to be repaired more than one time in a grading period may not be covered by insurance, and if so, the user will be responsible for 100% of all repair costs. Payments must be up to date to qualify for coverage.
      12. To allow for timely processing of insurance claims, if there is a cost incurred, the cost should be paid to the school at the time a claim is reported. The claim will not be processed until this payment is made. If an extension or partial payment plan is requested by the family, the request should be made at the time when the claim is made. Loaner Chromebooks cannot be issued until the fee has been paid or other arrangements for payment have been made with school officials. Assistance requests for fees will only be considered for families qualifying for assistance assistance with the initial Chromebook fees, or in cases where school officials determine that extraordinary circumstances exist.
      13. All claims should be reported to the CoMIT, Middle or High School Tech Integration Specialist immediately and no later than five (5) school days after an incident.
      14. In the event of a theft, you must report the incident to the CoMIT, Middle or High School Tech Integration Specialists immediately and no later than three (3) days after the theft. You must also submit a police report with your claim. Note that filing a false police report is a felony under law.
      15. In the case of damage or theft, MPS will make a loaner Chromebook available to you once the insurance deductible is paid. I understand that there are a limited number of loaner Chromebooks. They are dispersed on a first come first serve basis and one may not be available at all times. You are responsible for full payment for any damage incurred on the loaner Chromebook.
  5. Chromebook Use Guidelines  

    1. Abide by the MPS School Committee policies: IJND - Access to Digital Resources, IJNDD - Electronic Communication/Social Media, IJNDB - Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technologies, and JICFB - Bullying Prevention. The provisions of the above mentioned School Committee policies, are incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full and are made a provision of this agreement which must be complied with.
    2. We understand that only the student has the right to use the Chromebook while enrolled in the school system. We understand that the student must comply with software license agreements. Neither the parent/guardian nor the student shall sublease, sell or otherwise grant an individual or business any right or security interest to the Chromebook or otherwise encumber MPSs’ purchase or lease with Dell Inc.
    3. Use your Chromebook as a tool for learning.
    4. You are responsible for having a fully charged Chromebook to use each day in school.
    5. Teachers will determine when and if Chromebooks will be open and used in class.   
    6. Academic use always takes priority over personal use in school.
    7. If you have a leased Chromebook, it is intended to be used primarily by you both at school and at home.
    8. Parents are responsible for supervising your Internet use when at home. School filtering services used on the District network will not work at home. However, Google Safe Search has been activated for all student Google Apps for Ed accounts whether in or out of the district network.
    9. You are responsible for maintaining your home network and Internet service.
    10. The CoMIT or student Tech Leaders may request that you bring your Chromebook to their respective locations if needed for updates and maintenance.
    11. You must always practice good digital citizenship
    12. You may access only appropriate documents and media.
    13. You may not harass, bully, cyber-bully, or threaten others in any way.  
    14. You must use appropriate language in all communications.
    15. You must not attempt to gain access to unauthorized accounts, files or devices.  
    16. You must not attempt to bypass the District's web filtering or Google Safe Search.
    17. You must abide by copyright laws. You must not plagiarize works or illegally download files, music, movies or other commercial files.   
    18. You must keep all personal information private, including passwords, user IDs, home address, and phone numbers as well as those of other students and teachers.
    19. You must not photograph, make audio or video recordings without the consent of those being recorded.
    20. Be responsible for your lease agreement.
    21. Make payments regularly and on time.  
    22. Report any financial difficulties ASAP to your school administration.
    23. Know what you can and cannot install.
    24. Do not uninstall any software or operating system component that has been preloaded on your Chromebook by school staff.  
    25. District tech support may restore the software to the standard configuration in order to deal with issues caused by user-installed software.
    26. Issues requiring service or repair may necessitate wiping and re-enrolling the Chromebook to restore it to the original configuration.
    27. Take good care of equipment and files.
    28. You are responsible for backing up all your files on a regular basis. MPS is not responsible for data lost because of failure to backup files.
    29. Do not leave your Chromebook unattended. Make sure your Chromebook is stored in a safe, secure environment, e.g. do not leave it in your car overnight, even if it is locked.  
    30. If your Chromebook is leased from MPS, do not mark the Chromebook in any way with markers, stickers, etc.
    31. Do not insert foreign objects (paperclips, pens, etc.) into the ports (openings) of the Chromebook.
    32. Do not eat or drink near the Chromebook. There should never be any food or drink around the Chromebook. If you spill liquid on your leased Chromebook, immediately turn it off, leave it off and bring it to your teacher who will get it CoMIT staff.  
    33. Chromebooks should not be left in extreme heat or cold, e.g. in your car, in these conditions.
    34. Do not use water or other cleaning solutions on the Chromebook unless they are approved for use on electronics. Wipe the surfaces lightly with a clean soft cloth. Always avoid touching the screen.  
    35. We recommend that you store and transport your Chromebook in an appropriate protective case
    36. Do not loan your Chromebook to someone else if it is leased or owned by the District.  
    37. Do not damage, degrade the performance of, or abuse anyone else's Chromebook in any way.
    38. Bring Chromebooks in need of repair to an authorized Dell Chromebook Service Center, CoMIT or student Tech Leaders. Do not try to repair a Chromebook yourself if it belongs to, or is leased by, the District.

By signing below, I agree to the terms of the Chromebook Lease, Use & Insurance Agreement. I have read the foregoing document; understand all of its terms; and agree to be bound by those terms.

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