About the 1:1 Chromebook initiative

The Melrose Pilot 1:1 Chromebook Program is voluntary and is meant to assess the impact that such a program will have on technology integration. If you choose to participate, the district recommends the Chromebook options listed for your child, as these are the devices currently used in the schools. In order to ensure equity, the district has outlined options for those on free and reduced lunch and any other hardships.

Currently, this program is only for grade levels 6 through 12. Elementary students are not included in the 1:1 program and thus are not entitled to a free or reduced Chromebook. Additionally, in the 2019-2020 school year, only grade levels 6 and 9 will be in the 1:1 program. All students of MPS can use the links to purchase a new Chromebook if they so choose.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan lays out goals to meet the expectations of the 2016 Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) Frameworks. Additionally, we would like to address differentiation, digital literacy, digital citizenship, digital access and equity, personalized learning, professional development and family learning through this program.

What is a 1:1 Program?
  • 1:1 is simply the ratio of devices to students. In our case, the 1:1 is one device, preferably a Chromebook, for every student. However, our 1:1 program encompasses much more than just a ratio. It is the opportunity for students to use the Chromebook to enhance their learning experience and develop the skills for college and career readiness.
  • With a Chromebook, students can collaborate, communicate and create content together.  
  • Ownership of the Chromebook will encourage responsibility and allow an opportunity for our students to be instructed on good digital citizenship (digital citizenship is the concept that every student should be educated on how to appropriately conduct him/herself online). We need to ensure that our children behave appropriately, respectfully, safely, and ethically when using the internet.
Why recommend Chromebooks?
  • Based on research, Chromebooks are the device of choice for the following reasons:
  • Affordability: Chromebooks are roughly $250 vs. laptops at roughly $500-$1500
  • Usability: integrated keyboard, age-appropriate, boots up in seconds, runs modern web-based tools, apps and services
  • Deployability: setup is easy, easy to get on the network and start using quickly
  • Supportability: Chromebooks update themselves, no viruses, built-in tools, can be used with any student account, easy to maintain and repair
  • Successful in other similar implementations
  • Compatibility: Melrose is a Google for Education school. Chromebooks are essentially a Google laptop.
Rollout Strategy
  • Year 1 (Fall of 2019-2020 SY): Grade 6 and 9
  • Year 2 (Fall of 2020-2021 SY): Grade 6 and 9 (6, 7, 9 & 10 have Chromebooks)
  • Year 3 (Fall of 2021-2022 SY): Grade 6 and 9 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 have Chromebooks)
  • Year 4 (Fall of 2022-2023 SY): Grade 6 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 have Chromebooks)
  • Allows for a scaffolded implementation and Professional Development for teachers.
  • Chromebooks carts being used in secondary schools move to lower grade levels.
Purchasing, Leasing, Loan and Reduced Cost Options
Many policies have been updated or created to ensure success including: